A Matter of the Heart

A Matter of the Heart

by Micheal J. McAnally

so close no matter how far

couldn’t be much more from the heart.

forever trusting who we are…

And nothing else matters.


I am too tired to drive

will you stop for coffee


this heart matters stuff feels heavy

I enjoy the steaminess of it

I’ll take my neat oh and black,

                                    with a cube 


that movie had me playing the villain

I couldn’t see myself in that role

today though.

I don’t recall how it ended.

did it ever end?

does it ever…


                       can’t say I prefer you without makeup

                        but I like your smile when you are winning

that red on your lips

 is so tantalizing


was it our souls that met first 

or  just the eyes

it really doesn’t matter


                            I won’t let go anyway.

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