Angels Everywhere Today

Angels Everywhere Today

It seems as if this entire day I have run into Angels everywhere I turned. Not all together of the heavenly variety as those are not always revealed to us.  

I’ve experienced Angels within the context of seven conversations today.  Like kapowie out of the clear somebody has said something or mentioned Angels to me.

If I were to have a totem it would have an Angel, a Bear and an Elephant.  I have kinship for each.  I hold each in high regard, but today was a day of Angel talk…

No need to elaborate on the stories or of the mentions. Suffice to say Angels, just the word and their deeds, have been flying at me all day. It just puzzles me that’s all. 

The finale came on my drive home this evening when Sara McLachlan, In the Arms of an Angel came on the radio.

Be open to those beautiful Angel moments They are blessings.

Be grateful. Be kind. Share what you can. And don’t forget to eat your veggies.

Mac loves you like Grandma does. 

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