Mac and Della are two hippies from the sixties who are living their best life and enjoy inspiring others to find their health and happiness . . . at any age. 

They met in 2017 through a dating site . . . the new only way to meet!

Together they camp across the country, hike the mountains and not the mountains, cycle, practice yoga, qigong, and mindfulness, eat a plant-based diet, are learning to play guitar around the campfire and enjoy traveling to visit their friends and grandchildren!

They enjoy new challenges (like learning the guitar) and adventures and believe that every day and new experience is a gift.

Mac started as a broadcaster in the Twin Cities where he greeted the afternoon drive as Mac McNeil. Today he works on his podcast . . .  interviewing all the interesting people they meet along the way.

Della’s background is in marketing and communications. And, she has always been an entrepreneur, designing, drawing, and creating. She has a passion for the environment and future generations, and is creating a series of books for children, The Mascot Warriors.

Mac and Della hope they can inspire everyone they meet online or in person to live their best life!

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