Boat Pose

When we practice Boat Pose, we strengthen our core and improve our balance and our focus.  We begin slowly and increase the stretch and balance as we feel ready.

Begin in Seated Pose

We begin in Seated PoseSitting straight and tall, cross legged on the floor, the crown of our head reaching toward the sky.

Our shoulders are back and down, our core pulls our belly button to our spine, and our hands rest gently on our knees, as we take a deep inhale and exhale through our nose.

On the next inhale, bring our feet flat to the ground, knees bent, palms on the ground. Exhale.

Inhale and, keeping our core engaged, purposely raise our feet and hands from the ground and balance on our sit bones. Exhale and return our feet and hands to the ground.

Repeat until we feel comfortable balancing on our sit bones with our feet and hands lifted from the ground.

Extending Our Arms and Legs

 Once we feel comfortable balancing on our sit bones, we begin to extend our arms and legs.

We extend our arms straight out in front of us, thumbs pointing toward the ceiling, fingers spread wide, reaching and stretching

We begin to extend our legs, slowly. We may practice with legs slightly bent and, as we become stronger, we straighten our legs. Begin slowly. Moving at our own pace. Balance. 

In the full extension, our legs are straight, feet are chest high, our toes point upward, our shoulders back and down and our arms reach forward.

At each extension, we hold for 3 to 5 inhales and exhales. On the last exhale, we place our feet and hands on the floor.

Remember to always practice at our own pace. As our core and legs gain strength and flexibility, we will find that we are able to extend our legs and our arms as we balance.

Leg Modifications

  1. We can keep our feet on the floor and gently raise and lower them with each breath.
  2. We can raise our legs slightly higher, knees bent and hold for 3 to 5 breaths.
  3. We can straighten our legs and hold for 3 to 5 breaths or longer. 

Arm Modifications

  1. We can keep our hands on the floor and gently raise and lower them with each breath.
  2. We can extend our arms our in front of us reaching an stretching our fingertips forward. 
  3. We can gently grasp and support the outside of each extended leg.
  4. We can grasp each big toe, wrapping our pointer finger and middle finger around the toe, as we extend our legs and balance.
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