Chin Up: Looking Younger

Keep Your Chin Up: Looking Younger

Americans spend over $16 billion annually on cosmetic plastic surgery and over $62 billion on cosmetics, which includes skincare, hari care, make-up, perfumes, toiletries and oral cosmetics.  WOW!

What if I told you that you could minimize wrinkles, lift your eyes and skin, and keep your skin and eyes glowing without surgery? For free!

Keep Your Chin Up provides inexpensive tips to keep your pearly whites . . . white, your hair and skin shiny, allergies at bay and you looking your best.  

Our face is the first thing that people see, so it is little wonder that we are so obsessed with looking young.   . . . READ MORE

Practice these eye exercises to strengthen the tiny muscles that help move your eyes from left to right and up and down.  . . . READ MORE

I’ve been practicing face exercises since the 1980s and they definitely make my face and eyes feel alive and have minimized sagging and wrinkles.  . . . READ MORE

When I was a kid, I had the first “modern” braces. Not the little glue on kind the kids get today in fun, bright colors, but the silver metal bands that were cemented around my teeth. . . . READ MORE

As a kid, I do not remember having allergies to pollen, animals or dust. I grew up with dogs, cats, hamsters and lizards, and my kids had the same menagerie.  But as an adult, I seem to have developed allergies . . . READ MORE

Remember the days when the way our hair looked could either make or break our entire day?  OK . . . sometimes it still does.  And, there is still nothing worse than having a fabulous hair day and not running into anyone you know.  READ MORE

We spend so much money on cosmetics, face creams, face wash and a plethora of other skin care products hoping that they will keep our skin looking young and supple. It’s a multi-billion-dollar market, and, yet, every day we read articles about all the bad ingredients. . . READ MORE

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