Core Yoga Poses

Yoga Poses for Your Core

Our core, which includes our tummy muscles, hip flexors and glutes, is central to our yoga practice. We engage our core muscles with every movement and every breath. Strengthening our core improves our posture, improves our breathing and helps to relieve back pain.

The core poses below, will help us to focus on building our core strength.

As a builder of core strength, plank is touted as one of the best. Plank is the foundation for several yoga poses and builds core strength and strength throughout our entire body.  . . .  READ MORE

Moving into Side Plank, increases our strength and balance as we move from two hands and two feet on the ground to one hand and one foot. . . .  READ MORE

Tree Pose is a balance pose and balance poses all come from our core. Our core is what helps us balance and balance poses strengthen our core . . .  READ MORE

In Airplane, we balance with our arms and legs behind us . . . like we are an airplane flying! We keep our core and glutes engaged, our chest shining upward and our fingertips reaching backward. . . .  READ MORE

Knee to Elbow Sit Up is most often practiced while lying on our backs on the floor, but may also be practiced sitting in a chair. . . .  READ MORE

When we practice Boat Pose, we strengthen our core and improve our balance and our focus.  We begin slowly and increase the stretch and balance as we feel ready. . . .  READ MORE

Balancing Table Top is a balance pose we practice on the floor on our hands and knees. We begin by extending one leg, then one arm, and finally extending one opposite arm and leg at the same time. Balancing Table Top strengthens our core, our shoulders, and provides balance practice. . . .  READ MORE

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