Even Celery Can Help You Smile

This is Mac . . . and I’m the happiest guy you’ll ever meet. And smiling?  Well, it’s good for you and it’s good for those around you!


Smiling can help boost our immune system, elevate our mood, and help us live longer, happier lives! And, an honest smile makes us appear more attractive.  


Often times, we see someone and think . . . wow, nice hair! Cute dress.  Or, he looks really awesome. When we take the time to let them know . . . it can help them smile and it helps us to smile. 


Della will never forget the time I rolled down HER window, leaned across and yelled . . . “Great mustache!” to a guy at the bus stop. (Another reason she fell for me!) He had this amazing handlebar mustache!  He and everyone around him, looked up and . . . smiled!!


Today, I was having coffee at Starbucks with a friend, when a young woman ran in to get a cup of coffee. She’d run in from the beauty parlor next door where she was in the middle of getting her hair “foiled.” She had things sticking up here and there that looked like antenna sticking out of her head. Her lovely look was accented with a flowing black cape. I yelled “nice outfit . . . love the hair!” She turned and smiled and we both laughed.  My coffee date just looked at me and . . . smiled.


After Starbucks, I had to stop by Whole Foods to pick up our normal 10 pounds of celery for juicing. As I bent over the avocados, a young woman and her mother squealed, “you love celery, too!” Within minutes I had them laughing and carrying on about our experiences with juicing celery as well as the benefits. 


Unfortunately for them, they asked me what I do . . . which opened the flood gates for my stories about Della, masticating juicers and, of course, The 7 Doors!  “You just made our day!” they exclaimed as they continued through the store. I did see Mom peek around a corner, smile, and wave one more time as I finished my shopping.


I couldn’t wait to return home and tell Della all about my adventures.  It was fun. I helped people smile . . . even laugh! And, it was only 11 am in the morning!  I still have the rest of the day ahead!!


Be grateful. Be kind. Share what you can. And don’t forget to eat your veggies.

Mac loves you like Grandma does.  

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