Yoga Poses for Flexibility

We watch dancers, gymnasts, and yogis . . . and wonder, how do they get their bodies to move with such grace into those incredible positions? It’s called . . .  flexibility!. . . . READ MORE

Mountain Pose may be used to begin our practice or as a centering pose by itself. We ground our feet, reach high with the crown of our head, and breathe deeply. Mountain pose helps us center our thoughts . . . READ MORE

Active Mountain adds flowing arm movement to Mountain Pose. As we extend and circle our arms, we begin to warm our arms and our body . . . READ MORE

In Lateral Flexion we engage our core as we gently reach and stretch. Lateral flexion stretches from our hips through our waist, side, shoulder and . . . READ MORE

Chest Expansion may be practiced standing or sitting on the edge of a chair. It is a great pose for stretching and creating flexibility in our . . . READ MORE

As we practice shoulder stretch, we gain flexibility in our shoulders by rotating each shoulder inward and outward when switching sides. We may find it useful . . . READ MORE

When we practice forward fold, we are mindful to move with our body and take what our body will give us today. One day our body may release and allow us to touch our toes . . . and the next day  . . . READ MORE

In Seated Twist, we begin sitting cross legged on the floor, or sitting upright in a chair. If you can get to the floor, but find it difficult to sit, . . . READ MORE

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