Forward Fold

When we practice forward fold, we are mindful to move with our body and take what our body will give us today. One day our body may release and allow us to touch our toes . . . and the next day it may not feel like moving that far.  Be mindful and listen to our bodies.

Beginning in Mountain Pose, stand straight and tall, feet hip width distance apart. (Or sit up tall on the edge of an armless chair for Seated Forward Fold.)

Feel the crown of our head reaching toward the sky.

Our shoulders are back and down away from our ears.

Our pelvis tilts forward as our core pulls our belly button to our spine.

Our arms are at our sides, finger tips reaching toward the floor. (Modification: place our hands in our laps for Seated Forward Fold)

As we inhale deeply, we circle our arms up over our head, fingertips reaching for the sky, palms together. (Modification: to protect our shoulders, bring palms together. Place our thumbs between our eyes at our third eye center.) 

On the exhale, slowly lower our hands through the mid-line of our body . . . forehead, nose, and chest. As our hands move past our chest, begin to roll our head down, rolling each vertebrae down.

Be mindful and stop the forward movement when you feel your body say stop.

Inhale, exhale, taking what release our breath will give us. Repeat . . . inhale, exhale.

On the next inhale, engage our core, and slowly and mindfully, roll each vertebrae back to standing with hands overhead.

Repeat 3 go 5 times and return to Mountain pose.

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