Foundations Breathing

Foundations . . . Breathing

As we practice each pose, we move with our breath. Listening to and feeling our breath as it moves through our body is the first step to relaxing our body and our mind and bringing focus to our practice.

As we move with our breath, we inhale and exhale through our nose.

Breathing in and out through our nose, we warm our breath as it enters our body. Our nose hairs remove impurities in the air.  

Breathing in and out through our nose, helps to relax our minds and our bodies.

As we extend and reach up and out, we breathe in.  As we contract or relax, we breathe out.

We move with our breath . . . inhaling as we extend and exhaling as we contract. 

We keep our minds focused on our breath and our body.

We feel our breath as it moves into our nose, down our throat, and fills our lungs.

We listen to our breath and feel our breath.

Moving with our breath, helps to increase our flexibility. On each inhale, we stretch a little more. On each exhale, our body will release just a little more.

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