The Foundations for yoga are principles that will help us grow our practice. Yoga is referred to as a practice as there is not an end “result.” We continue to practice  to become more mindful, more flexible, and more connected with our bodies and our minds. 

As we practice our yoga, whether by ourselves or in a class, we want to remember that our practice is for us.  We have our own space . . . READ MORE

As we practice each pose, we move with our breath. Listening to and feeling our breath as it moves through our body . . . READ MORE

Dynamic tension is created as we pull one part of our body in the opposite direction of another part of our body. . . . READ MORE

Extension occurs as we inhale. Flexion occurs as we exhale.   . . . READ MORE

As we move through our yoga poses, we are mindful to stack our joints creating a firm foundation and protecting our knees, hips,  . . . READ MORE

When we practice folding positions, we are mindful to hinge at the hips . . . READ MORE

Practicing yoga can help invigorate our hands and feet and even help relieve some pain caused by neglect . . . READ MORE

When we first begin a yoga practice, we may wish to modify poses until we become more flexible and/or gain more strength . . . or we may wish to continue with modifications! . . . READ MORE

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