Hinging at the Hips

Foundations . . . Hinging at the Hips

When we practice folding positions, we are mindful to hinge at the hips.

As we bend forward, we reach up and out with our heads hinging at our hips.

We are mindful to fold our bodies at our hips.

We reach up and out with our head, extending our spine.  We roll our tummies down our legs, reaching and stretching outward with each breath.

Our practice is about moving our bodies in careful, controlled movements.

There is no competition to get our heads to the floor or wrapped between our knees.

As we practice our yoga, whether by ourselves or in a class, we want to remember that our practice is for ourselves.  We have our own space . . . our mat . . . and we bring our whole body and mind with us.

Our focus is inward . . . our mind is quiet. And, yes.  It is often easier said than done. That’s why we practice!  

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