I’m just sharing my story

I’m Just Sharing My Story

I’m not writing a new Bible my friend…

I’m just sharing my story…

I’d like to read yours.

I enjoyed being a kid. You could spend the entire day with your imagination.

Usually it was just me, my bike, the fields, or woods and whatever crazy world I could think up in my head.  

Always a super hero with a brace of six shooters. (Cap guns not allowed to fire in the house…but I did. I loved the smell of the smoke from the barrel. Gun smoke) 

I dispatched many outlaws in those days. I sometimes rode with the finest. Great men… Roy, Hop Along, Gene, Lash LaRue. 

I often found myself in the depths of Africa too. I befriended many apes and my companions were a large cat named Simba and Chimpanzee named Cheetah. We saved the continent many times back then. 

I could fly then too…and I can still, as a matter of record. I thought happy thoughts. My pixie friend and I would fly to the rescue of lost boys with great speed. Fighting pirates never seemed dangerous in spite of a great number of sword fights and duels to the death. I was nicked a few times but the scares of my youth have mostly faded.

 I think my Grandmother’s rice pudding gave me super strength and magical power. I know her porridge was packed with healing energy from brown sugar, and whole milk and warm white bread toasted, oozing with butter and grape jelly.

I wish your today is a great and wondrous journey.

Don’t forget to eat your veggies kiddos… and to smile and to be kind and too often say may I and please and thank you. It’s a better place when you are here.

~Mac loves you like Grandma does.


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