Knee to Elbow Sit Up

Knee to Elbow Sit Up is most often practiced while lying on our backs on the floor, but may also be practiced sitting in a chair.

Lying on our backs, mindfully raise our knees directly over our hips, creating a 90 degree angle with our hips, our shins are parallel to the floor, our core engaged. 

We bring our hands behind our neck, interlocking our fingers, our shoulders back and down. 

On the inhale, we gently raise our torso, our hearts shining toward the sky, engaging and lifting with our core, mindful NOT to pull on our head or neck with our hands. 

On the exhale, we gently twist to touch our right elbow to our left knee. Our knees remain in place.

Inhale, return to position, our hearts shining toward the sky, our core engaged.

On the exhale, gently roll our back down to the floor, feeling each vertebrae touching the ground.

Inhale and repeat on the left side, raising up on the inhale, touching our left elbow to our right knee on the exhale, inhale and return to center, exhale and slowly roll our backs down to the floor.

Repeat 5 to 10 times on each side.

Knee to Elbow is a great way to release our backs and strengthen our core while sitting.

We begin in Seated Mountain in a chair, sitting straight and tall, our head reaching toward the sky, our feet flat on the floor. 

Inhale, and on the exhale, raise our left knee and gently twist, touching our right elbow to our left knee. Inhale and return to sitting posture. Exhale, raise right knee and touch left elbow to our right knee. 

Engage our core. Move slowly and with purpose.

Our arms may rest at our sides, lifting to twist and touch our knee. 

Or, we may interlace our fingers behind our head/neck being mindful NOT to pull or put pressure on our head or neck, keeping our arms wide, twisting to make contact with our knee. 

Repeat on each side 5 to 10 times.

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