Kombucha and other Fermented Foods


At a time when everyone seems to be in a hurry and hardly has time to prepare healthy food, who would think that you would want to take time to name your Kombucha SCOBY? . . . READ MORE

It takes an initial investment of about $90, but after that, the cost is about $.10 a bottle. Considering that in the store it can cost anywhere from $2.50 to $3.50 a bottle, it doesn’t take long to recoup your investment!

The Equipment and Supplies section lists all the items you need, the approximate cost, and recommendations for where to purchase each item. . . . READ MORE

Once you have everything purchased, it is time to start your first brew! When I started my first brew, I was ready, I had everything together, I took a deep breath, and . . . remembered that I forgot . . . Step #1: Prep the new container and spigot! . . . READ MORE

Once you have bottled your first batch of kombucha, you are left with a vessel that is 1/2 full. The Second Brew or Top Off is what you make to refill your vessel and start another batch of kombucha.  . . . READ MORE

This is an optional step. Many people enjoy the taste of booch directly from the first fermentation. You may drink the kombucha directly from the vessel or bottle and refrigerate directly from the vessel. 

However, if you want your brew to have more fizz (carbonation) or if you want to add flavoring, you need to go through a second fermentation. .    . . . READ MORE


Make your own Kimchi

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