Music is a Histamine

Music is a Histamine

by Micheal J. McAnally

Histamine… well there you may double take and or scratch your melon. Histamines fights off things to make us sick. Music in my world is a histamine.  It helps fight off sadness, yucky weather, loneliness, hard days at the office. It can help pick you up even if your new puppy eats your favorite ball cap or shoe.

My Celtic blood hasn’t forsaken my basic attraction to the music of many forms. T’is instinctual. Pieces given to me on snow bound weekends and hot summer adventures send me riding waves of unblemished magic…discovering white stones in moonlight.

Listen to your heart good people… The blood pumping through it will never allow you to be anyone but you.  There is no other way to be. Find magic…listen to your music.

Share what you can, be kind, enjoy being alone at times and don’t forget to eat your veggies Kiddos!

We can be Heroes!


~Mac loves you like Grandma does.


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