Relieving Allergies

Allergies, Bee Pollen and Essential Oils

As a kid, I do not remember having allergies to pollen, animals or dust. I grew up with dogs, cats, hamsters and lizards, and my kids had the same menagerie.  But as an adult, I seem to have developed allergies . . .  allergies to my grandkittens, granddogs, and pollen. 

My nose would run every Spring and any time I was around dogs or cats. Until I started using bee pollen and essential oils.

Bee Pollen

I’ve been using bee pollen to alleviate allergy symptoms since the 70s. I “encouraged” my kids to take it, and, it worked! Bee pollen is also great for our immune systems.

  • Buy local bee pollen if possible. I would say “organic,” but it is just impossible to train those bees to eat only organic blossoms!
  • Local bee pollen contains pollen from local flowers, tree blossoms, and wildflowers. And, yes, even if you travel away from home, the local bee pollen may still help your allergies and immune system.
  • Start slow! Start with a few granules for a few days and build up your intake.
  • Build up to about a teaspoon of bee pollen once a day.

Essential Oils for Allergies

Essential oils are like yoga to me . . . they fix everything!! From using lavender essential oils to relieve itching bug bites, to face creams made from organic oils, to relieving joint pain, essential oils inside and out work wonders!

And for relieving allergies, the capsules work wonders.  Mac had an issue for over 20 years with a runny nose.  Within a week of taking an essential oil capsule, his symptoms disappeared. He is amazed and so thankful!

My daughter gave me a capsule to help with my allergies around her pets. Within an hour, my nose stopped running and my eyes were clear.  As long as I don’t put my face directly into their fur and nuzzle them, which is exactly what I WANT to do, I am fine! Since that day, I take a capsule every day or two when I am around them.

Organic Veggie Capsules with Organic Essential Oils

Use Veggie Capsules vs Gelatin Capsules. You pull them apart and drop the oils into the capsule. 

  • 3 drops Lemon, 3 drops Pepperment, 3 drops Lavendar.
  • Purchase Veggie or VegCaps vs Gelatin Capsules (GelCaps) which are made from animal collagen and organs.
  • VegCaps can be found at most grocery stores that sell organic foods, or you can find them on-line.
  • Size 0 are easy to swallow and large enough for the oils.
  • Use quality organic essential oils. Yes, they cost a little more, but are definitely worth it.
  • Essential oils can be found at most grocery stores that sell organic foods, or you can find the oils on-line.
  • Take with water. The capsules are slightly sticky and go down most easily with a small glass of water.
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