Resting Poses

Resting Yoga Poses


As we practice yoga and as we move through a class or flow, we listen to our body and rest when we need to rest. Resting poses help us to transition to other poses and take a break when we need to take a break.

Child’s Pose is perhaps the most basic resting pose in yoga. Child’s Pose may be used as a resting pose during a flow session or practiced alone as a nice stretch for our back, arms, and hips.. . . . READ MORE

Downward Facing Dog, like Child’s Pose, may be used as a resting pose during a flow session or by itself as a great stretch for our backs, shoulders, arms, necks, hips, legs and feet. That covers stretching for just about every part of our body! Please be sure to warm our body to get the most benefit from this pose. . . . READ MORE

Seated Pose is often used as a starting place to begin our yoga practice and is also a pose used for meditation.  As we enter class, we quietly roll out our mat and sit in Seated Pose to calm our minds and our bodies in preparation for our practice.  . . . READ MORE

Final Relaxation is most often used at the end of a yoga practice but may also be used as a resting pose during our yoga practice or for meditation. . . . READ MORE

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