Seated Pose

Seated Pose

Seated Pose is often used as a starting place to begin our yoga practice and is also a pose used for meditation.

As we enter class, we quietly roll out our mat and sit in Seated Pose to calm our minds and our bodies in preparation for our practice.

In Seated Pose, we sit cross legged on the floor, or sit upright in a chair. If you can get to the floor, but find it difficult to sit, try sitting on a pillow. You may purchase a yoga pillow, but a firm couch pillow or even a bed pillow can work well.

In Seated Pose, we want to close our eyes and listen to our breath. Breathing in deeply, expanding our chest and lungs, and exhaling completely.

We want to enjoy the quiet. Enjoy the stillness. And focus on our breath and our body and how it feels today.

Sit straight and tall, cross legged on the floor, on a pillow or in a chair. 

Feel the crown of our head reaching toward the sky.

Our shoulders are back and down away from our ears.

Our core pulls our belly button to our spine.

The back of our hands rest gently on our knees, with our hands relaxed and open, our thumb and middle finger touching. 

We take one deep inhale through our nose, expanding our chest, pause, and exhale slowly through our nose, maintaining our posture. Pause.

As we inhale deeply and stretch our head and spine upward, we take our time to hear our breath and feel it enter our lungs, bringing oxygen and warmth to our bodies. 

On the exhale, feel the breath removing the toxins and exercising our lungs.

Repeat 10 times, inhaling and exhaling allowing your mind to focus on your body.

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