Seated Twist

In Seated Twist, we begin sitting cross legged on the floor, or sitting upright in a chair. If you can get to the floor, but find it difficult to sit, try sitting on a pillow. You may purchase a yoga pillow, but a firm couch pillow or even a bed pillow can work well.

Sit straight and tall, cross legged on the floor, on a pillow or in a chair. 

Feel the crown of our head reaching toward the sky.

Our shoulders are back and down away from our ears.

Our core pulls our belly button to our spine.

The back of our hands rest gently on our knees, with our hands relaxed and open, our thumb and middle finger touching. 

We take one deep inhale through our nose, expanding our chest, and slowly exhale through our nose, maintaining our posture.

As we inhale deeply and stretch our head and spine upward, we take our right hand and place it gently on our left knee, and exhale.

On our next inhale, we stretch our head and spine upward, gently turning our upper body to the left, allowing our head to follow, and place our left hand behind our body. Turning at our waist, we turn our shoulders and upper body to gaze behind us. Our hips face forward and our sit bones stay on the ground.

Inhale, extend our body upward. Exhale, twist and take what movement our body will give us. (We may use our right hand on our left knee to help us twist. Be mindful, pushing gently.) 

One more inhale and exhale.

On the next inhale, slowly and mindfully, bring our upper body, our gaze, and our left hand back to our left knee. Exhale.

Inhale and bring right hand to our right knee and our upper body and gaze to center. Exhale.

Repeat on the left side, turning to the right, bringing our left hand to our right knee, our right hand behind our back, inhaling and exhaling with each movement.  Return our right hand to our right knee, left hand to our left knee, and gaze forward.

Inhale deeply, sitting up straight and tall, tummy tucked, and exhale.

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