Shoulder Stretch

As we practice shoulder stretch, we gain flexibility in our shoulders by rotating each shoulder inward and outward when switching sides. We may find it useful to use either a strap or a towel to help us move into the pose and to gain more flexibility as we practice.

Stand straight and tall, feet hip width distance apart. Or sit up tall on the edge of an armless chair.

Feel the crown of our head reaching toward the sky.

Our shoulders are back and down away from our ears.

Our pelvis tilts forward as our core pulls our belly button to our spine.

Our arms are at our sides, finger tips reaching toward the floor.

Place a strap or a towel in our right hand.

As we inhale deeply, we raise our right arm straight up, fingers reaching for the sky.

As we exhale, we bend our right elbow, lowering our hand and strap behind our head, rotating our right shoulder back and down, being mindful that we do not push our head forward.

On our next inhale, we roll our left shoulder back and down, and place our left hand behind our back, rotating our shoulder outward, reaching for the strap or towel. (In the full expression of the pose, we clasp our fingers/hands together without the strap.) Exhale.

Inhale, move our left hand up the strap. Exhale, rest. Inhale move our hand up. Exhale relax.

Repeat for 3 to 5 breaths.

After 3 to 5 breaths, inhale and gently release the strap and drop our left hand to our side. Exhale.

One more inhale, gently raise our right arm up to the sky. Exhale, lower our right arm to our side.

Repeat on the left side, holding the strap in our left hand, raising our left hand high to the sky, then lower our left hand down behind our head. Wrap our right arm behind our back grasping the strap.

Move slowly with intention.

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