Strength Poses

Almost every yoga pose helps to build strength throughout our bodies and muscles. The following poses may be a little more challenging at first, but will become less challenging as you grow stronger.

As a builder of strength, plank is touted as one of the best. Plank is the foundation for several yoga poses and builds strength throughout our entire body.  . . .  READ MORE

Once we’ve practiced and gained strength in Plank or Modified Plank, we can move to Side Plank. Moving into Side Plank, increases our strength and balance as we move from two hands and two feet on the ground to one hand and one foot. . . .  READ MORE

Yoga Pushup (Chaturanga)

In yoga, start in plank, down, upward facing dowg, cobra, downward facing dog  . . . .  READ MORE


In yoga,  . . . .  READ MORE

Boat Pose

When we practice Boat Pose, we strengthen our core, our balance, and our focus.  We begin slowly and increase the stretch and balance as we feel ready. . . . .  READ MORE


In yoga,  . . . .  READ MORE

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