Table Top/Balancing Table Top

Table Top

Table Top is a pose that supports our back and strengthens our core.

We often move into Table Top from a Seated position, but can also transition from Forward Fold (stepping back to our hands and knees), Child’s Pose  and Downward Dog.

From a seated position, we gently bring our knees to our chest, feet flat on the floor. Mindfully roll our knees to one side and continue rolling until we are on our hands and knees in Table Top position the tops of our feet flat on the floor. (if we need to protect our knees, we can fold/double up our mat under our knees for protection.)

Our shoulders are directly over our wrists. (If we wish to protect our wrists, we can use “fists for wrists” (making a fist and placing the flat side on the floor). 

We push through our shoulders, raising our chest being careful not to sink into our shoulders. Our gaze is toward the floor as we extend the crown of our head forward.

We pull our belly button up toward our spine, keeping our spine long.

Our hips are directly over our knees, feet flat on the floor.

On the inhale we stretch the crown of our head forward, our tailbone back, and our core is tight. On the exhale, do not give anything back. Inhale and exhale slowly 5 times, focusing on the strength within our body.

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