The Second Fermentation and Flavoring


The Second Fermentation and Flavoring

This is an optional step.

Many people enjoy the taste of booch directly from the first fermentation. You may drink the kombucha directly from the vessel (I would recommend dispensing into a glass!) or you may bottle and refrigerate the booch directly from the vessel. 

However, if you want your brew to have more fizz (carbonation) or if you want to add flavoring, you need to go through a second fermentation. 


Plain Booch with More Fizz

If you enjoy the plain booch flavor and just want to have more carbonation

  • fill the bottles up to ½” from the top.
  • Overfilling can cause your booch to explode.
  • You can try various fill levels and see what works best with your bottles and caps.
  • Apply cap tightly
  • Place the filled/capped bottles in a warm dark place. A closet or cupboard works well.
  • Leave the bottles undisturbed for one week.
  • The longer the bottles are left in the warm dark place, the more fizz develops.
  • However, you may remove the bottles and drink at any time.
  • Remove bottles from the cupboard and refrigerate.
  • Refrigeration stops the fermentation process.

Flavoring your booch

When adding flavoring to your booch, add the flavor first, then fill the bottle and cap.

There are so many delightful flavors of kombucha . . . just look in the refrigerated section of the grocery store! This is also a great place to get ideas on what flavors to combine and which flavors you and your family may like.

My family loves ginger and strawberry. The more pieces of fruit you add to the bottle, the stronger the flavor will be for your kombucha.

Flavor Ideas

Ginger: Place several pieces of peeled ginger root into the bottle, then fill from the tap to make ginger kombucha.

Strawberry: Place fresh or frozen strawberries into the bottle then fill from the tap for the strawberry kombucha. You may add a variety of fruits and flavorings to your kombucha to make a variety of flavors. 

Other flavors:  Use fresh fruit or fresh juice from a juicer to flavor your booch.

  • Lemon, lime, blueberries, raspberries all make delicious brews.
  • Mix and match flavors to find the flavors you like.
  • If you “juice” the fruit or ginger (fresh juice from a juicer), fill the bottle about 1/8” to ¼” from the bottom, then fill with booch.

It is not recommended to use processed fruit juice to flavor Kombucha. 

How Long will it Keep?

Booch keeps for about 3 months in the refrigerator, but we usually drink our booch and are ready and waiting for the next bottling.

How Should I Date the Bottles?

I date each batch as I bottle it so we can drink it first in, first out! I write directly on the bottles with a black sharpie. The writing washes off easily and the bottles are ready for the next fill.

You may use white stick on labels on your bottles to mark the dates . . . HOWEVER . . . be sure to remove the labels from the bottles before you wash the bottles in a dishwasher. They may wash off and clog the dishwasher drain.

How Should I Wash the Bottles?

I wash my bottles by hand to be sure hot soapy water gets inside to remove any residue. I am careful to rinse well.

You may wash in a dishwasher, but be sure to remove any labels that may wash off in the dishwasher and clog the drain. 

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