The Youth of Yoga

Yoga can help us reduce stress, boost immunity, increase self esteem, promote trust, and reduce depression, all of which help keep us feeling younger and happier. 

My wish is to provide you with an understanding of yoga poses, alignment and modifications, so that when you practice or take a class, you feel safe, comfortable and able to move at your own pace.   Namaste 

The Foundations of yoga are principles that will help us grow our practice. . . . READ MORE

The great thing about yoga is that you need very little to get started for a great workout. Of course, like everything else, there are lots of optional equipment available which you can add to your wish list . . . READ MORE

As we practice yoga and especially as we move through a class or flow, we listen to our body and rest when we need to rest. Resting poses help us to transition to other poses and take a break when we need to . . . READ MORE

In yoga, we begin with a warm up to warm our muscles, to bring focus to our minds. We are preparing our bodies . . . READ MORE

Flexibility improves our posture, which opens the space around our hearts and organs. It builds strength within our muscles which makes everyday movements more enjoyable, gives us more energy, and reduces . . . READ MORE

Almost every yoga pose helps to build strength throughout our bodies and muscles. The following poses may be a little more challenging at first . . . READ MORE

Our core, our tummy muscles, is central to our yoga practice. We engage our core muscles with every movement and every breath. Strengthening our core improves our posture, improves our breathing and helps to relieve back pain . . . READ MORE

Balance poses are maintained by our core. . . . READ MORE

My Yoga Journey

. . . . READ MORE

I was talking with my cousin as we walked across the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis. It was a beautiful evening and there were a lot of runners, walkers, bikers and families out enjoying . . . READ MORE

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