Tree Pose

Tree Pose is a balance pose. All balance poses come from our core. Our core is what helps us balance and balance poses strengthen our core. 

As we balance on our left leg, we place our right foot at our ankle, our calf or up to our thigh, being mindful to never place our foot on our knee. As we stand straight and tall, we actively press our right foot into our left thigh and actively press our left thigh into our right foot. 

Our hands may be at heart center, raised straight above our heads reaching for the sky, or spread wide creating branches swaying in the breeze. 

Our gaze is forward, focusing on a point to help us stay balanced. After several breaths, we mindfully release our foot and repeat on the other side.

We begin Tree Pose standing straight and tall in Mountain Pose.

Stand straight and tall, feet hip width distance apart.

Feel the crown of our head reaching toward the sky.

Our shoulders are back and down away from our ears.

Our pelvis tilts forward as our core pulls our belly button to our spine.

Our arms are at our sides, finger tips reaching toward the floor.

We inhale deeply, expanding our chest, filling our lungs, feeling the dynamic tension throughout our bodies.

Our gaze is focused on a point to help us balance, much like a dancer focuses on a point as they turn.

With our hands at heart center, standing on our left leg, we mindfully lift our right foot and place it to our ankle. We may stay in this position or we may move our foot to our calf or to our thigh.

To help maintain our balance, we actively press our right foot into our left leg and our left leg into our right foot.

Let’s be mindful of maintaining our core strength and dynamic tension. 

As we become more comfortable and stable in the pose, we may wish to raise our arms high above our heads, reaching and stretching to help maintain the dynamic tension and balance.

We may place our hands on our shoulders or spread out arms out like branches.

Following 5 to 10 breaths, we mindfully lower our right foot to our calf, ankle and to the ground. 

Be mindful that this is your practice. Do what feels comfortable for you today.

Gently shake out our legs and arms and repeat on the opposite side.


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