Walking with Mac

Mac writes about his thoughts beautifully.  Sometimes they are short witticisms and musings like those found in Mac’s Musings, and other times they are longer walking prose and poetry. 

We hope these words help you smile and find joy and encouragement when you need it. 

Be grateful. Be kind. Share what you can. And don’t forget to eat your veggies.

Mac loves you like Grandma does. 

Slow Down

What do you have in common with the Road Runner that has yet to be caught by that Wylie Coyote? . . . READ MORE

I'm just sharing my story

I’m just sharing my story. I enjoyed being a kid. You could spend the entire day with your imagination. . . . READ MORE

Angels Everywhere Today

It seems as if this entire day I have run into Angels . . . READ MORE

When I go slow

When I go slow… I just wish to share.  When I go slow… it’s because I care. . . . READ MORE

Sad Blessings

Instead of horrible happenings I call them sad blessings. . . . . READ MORE

Regrets Can Move souls

The toughness of regrets can move souls towards learning and to kindness. . . . . . READ MORE

Without a last goodbye

You left me that morning without a goodbye . . . READ MORE


Are you fond of the wind . . . Are you fond of the rain . . . Are you fond of the sun . . . Are you fond of the cold. These are not questions . . . These are wonderings . . . READ MORE

without thorns

embrace what we profess . . . READ MORE

Music is a Histamine

 fight off sadness, yucky weather, and hard days . . . READ MORE

A Matter of the Heart

so close no matter how far . . . couldn’t be much more from the heart. . . . READ MORE

Don't Dwell in the Past

we don’t live there any more. . . . READ MORE

Seeds of Change

Rain in your life nourishes the flowers of love in your heart. . . . READ MORE

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