Warrior III

In Warrior III, we engage our core,  our drishta (our gaze) and our dynamic tension to balance with one leg behind us and both arms extended forward, reaching for the wall in front of us. Warrior III takes practice and focus. As we practice, we become more comfortable extending into the full expression.

We prepare for Warrior III by grounding ourselves in Tadasana (Mountain Pose), standing straight and tall, the crown of our head reaching toward the sky, our feet and legs pushing down into the earth, our core engaged. 

On the inhale, bring our hands to heart center, exhale. 

On the inhale, we extend our arms out in front of us, reaching and extending forward, palms facing the floor. On the exhale, let’s hinge at our hips, creating a 90 degree angle with our body. Our gaze is at the floor.

We may stay in this position, engaging our core, mindful to keep our shoulders back and down and our spine long. Or . . .

On the next inhale, extend our right foot back, placing our toes on the ground for balance, keeping our hips and knees facing forward.

As we move toward the full expression of Warrior III, we lift our right leg off the ground, keeping our core engaged, inhaling and exhaling as we raise and hold our leg higher and higher. As we gain more balance, we may extend into the full expression of the pose with our body perpendicular to the ground, creating a “T” shape with our body.

Inhale and exhale for 3 to 5 breaths.

There is no hurry to move to the full expression of Warrior III or any pose. It is the journey, not the destination that is important. Move at our own pace. Practice for our body today. 

On our final inhale, mindfully lower our right leg to the ground behind us, and with our core engaged, roll our back up to a standing position, our arms at our sides. On the exhale, return our right foot next to our left, returning to Mountain pose. 

Repeat on the left side, extending our left foot back. 

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