Who Are You Looking For?

Who Are You Looking For?

About 3 years ago, my daughter and I attended a small business conference in California. The lovely woman leading the conference had drawn us in with her energy and promise to provide us with the knowledge and connections we needed to grow our businesses to the next level. But, I had no idea how this one conference was about to change my life forever.

The speaker started the conference talking about how she had been destitute, (I guess all great speakers have been down and out at one time), alone and looking for her next gig, when she heard about manifesting your destiny. She thought she’d give it a try and started telling her friends how she was going to meet this man, marry him within the next year, and live happily ever after. She knew what he looked like, his personality traits, and what he liked to do. She was manifesting her destiny. 

And, what do you know, it happened! Just like she predicted! She met a man, they got married, and she is very happy!

If I didn't know what I was looking for, how would I know it when I found it?

This got me thinking. I wanted to meet someone and live happily ever after, too. But I hadn’t really thought about who or what this person was. It made sense that if I didn’t know what I was looking for, how would I even know it when I found it?

I started thinking about this perfect man.

So, I started thinking about this perfect man. I wanted to find someone who was mindful, caring, and thoughtful. Someone who cared about other people and our environment. A vegetarian . . . definitely, a vegetarian and someone who liked to eat healthy. Someone who liked to practice yoga, go hiking, be outdoors, and enjoy being active. And, mostly, someone who was happy!

Now that was a pretty full list and I was pretty sure there was not a man out there who would fulfill those dreams.

Sunday morning coffee

Then on a Friday night, lying in bed in California before heading home on Saturday, I got an email from meetmindfulpeople.com. Hmmmm . . . that sounded promising.

I signed up for the free 3 day trial  . . . no need for a commitment, yet!  I saw Mac’s profile, and sent him an email.  

I returned late Saturday night. We met Sunday morning for coffee and, well, the rest is history.

Mac often asks me when I fell in love with him. I tell him, “on our way to the farmers’ market after our first cup of coffee. That’s when I found out that not only did you know the difference between a centrifugal juicer and a masticating juicer, you actually juiced!”

We’ve been together ever since. Mac is the most caring, grateful, smart, giving, passionate and compassionate human being I have ever known. Mac also does all the grocery shopping and is the best cook ever . . . and that wasn’t even on my list!

And his profile?

Mac’s profile read: the happiest man you’ll ever meet, vegetarian, practices Qigong, and offers Free Hugs to help people smile. Enjoys music, the outdoors, biking, and travel.

So help yourself to the life of your dreams! Manifest your dreams . . . and your dreamboat!

Enjoy life! Hug! Laugh! It will help you smile!

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