Why Warm Up important

Why Warm Up Is Important?

In yoga, we begin with a warm up to warm our muscles and to bring focus to our minds. We are preparing our bodies for more intense movements.

 Yoga is becoming more and more popular as a warm up for professional athletes before they begin practice for their specific sport.

When the yogi enters the room, the room is quiet. He/she gently and quietly rolls out the mat and sits or lies peacefully bringing their mind to the mat and releasing the outside world.

As the yogi focuses on the inward and outward breath, we begin warming the body through our breath.

The asanas practiced during warm up, are gentle and slow movements, awakening the muscles and joints for the more intense movements to follow.

Warming the muscles in this way, minimizes injury and allows the yogi to feel and observe how the body reacts to movement today, taking a little more time on areas that require special attention. 

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