Yoga Massage Warm Up

Yoga Massage Warm Up

It was 1998 and a business colleague asked me if I wanted to attend a yog session that evening. I said sure . . . something I had always wanted to do!

The instructor was none other than Richard Esquinas, the American yogi, and Japa Yoga master.  I had no idea who he was.

But I will say . . . I was hooked on yoga after one class with Richard. And, after over 20 plus years of yoga practice and teaching, I still enjoy a unique warm up that I learned that first night. 

Massage Warm Up

This all over body massage is a wonderful way to practice connecting our mind with our body. As we move our hands over our body, we focus our mind on each touch, each muscle and each joint.

Let’s begin in a cross legged seated position.  Let’s bring our hands together at heart center and take a deep inhale as we begin to rub our palms together bringing heat to our palms. Once are palms are heated, let’s gently place the heals of our palms on our eyes, feeling the warmth and relaxation.  Let’s inhale/exhale for two breaths.

On our next breath, lets bring our fingertips to our forehead and gently massage our forehead, cheeks, nose and chin up to our ears.  Take a couple of moments to massage our ears and the area around them.

Next move to the front of our scalp and begin massaging from front to back. Take time to feel the massage. Listen to our body and feel our touch.

Move down the back of our scalp to our neck feeling for and working out any tension. Bring our hands to heart center.

Taking our left hand, begin by massaging our traps (the muscles running from our neck to our shoulder . . . that spot that is always tight!!), to our shoulder, and down the top of our right arm, and down to our right hand . . .  listening and feeling for any soreness or tenderness. Take time to massage our right hand and continue back up and underneath our right arm . . . ending with our left hand to our heart.

We continue by massaging our left arm with our right hand, beginning at our traps continuing to our left hand and back to our heart.

Next, let’s place our hands on our lower back and massage gently, moving our hands to our buttocks and around to the front. Placing our hands just above our pubic bond, we gently massage our internal organs, gently pulsing with our fingers as we move upward. Bring hands to heart center.

Lastly, we use two hands to massage our legs. Starting with our right leg, we begin at our hip, thigh and down to our foot. Pay close attention to any tightness and/or pain so that we can take care as we move forward with our yoga practice. Spend a few moments on our feet, stretching the bottom fascia, massaging our heel, our toes, and ankle. Complete the right leg by massaging up to our hip and bring our hands to our heart.

And, finally, let’s massage our left leg, starting at our hip, massaging down our thigh and to our foot, and returning back to our hip. Return hands to heart center.


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