Yoga Moon Flow

Moon Flow is a great warm up asana for all of our large muscle groups when standing and warms our upper body when practiced in a seated position in a chair. 

When practicing in a chair, an armless chair that allows free movement with our arms works best.

We begin by standing/sitting straight and tall in Mountain Pose  . . . feet together, arms at our sides, our head reaching toward the sky, and our feet pressing down into the ground. After inhaling and exhaling deeply for two breaths, let’s step our feet apart a little wider than hip width distance apart, our toes pointed outward at 45 degree angles.

Let’s bring our elbows into our sides at our waist, palms facing forward, fingers pointed toward the sky, legs extended, and our feet pressing into the ground.

On our inhale, let’s reach our fingertips toward the sky, reaching and stretching through our arms, sides and spine extending our gaze and chest upward, pressing our feet into the ground.

On our exhale, let’s bend our knees, being careful to keep our knees directly over our ankles as we bring our elbows back into our sides. 

On the inhale extend upward pushing downward through the ground with our legs and feet.

Repeat 5 to 10 times . . . inhaling reaching and extending upward, exhaling with control bending our knees and bringing our elbows back into our waist.

To practice sitting in a chair, let’s sit at the edge of the chair and raise our arms 

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