Yoga What You Need

What You Need

The great thing about yoga is that you need very little to get started for a great workout. Of course, like everything else, there are lots of optional items available   that you can add to your wish list.

Yoga Mat

  • A yoga mat is one item I recommend investing in. Sometimes called a “sticky mat,” it help the yogi’s hands and feet stick to the mat when stretching. 
  • A yoga mat is fairly thin which allows the yogi to stay grounded with the earth.
  • Non-yoga mats are usually thicker and softer and can be slippery.
  • Having two yoga can be beneficial when the yogi requires additional padding for kneeling postures. The yoga mat folds easily for additional padding.
  • Many yoga studios and work out facilities have mats available for classes. Be mindful to wipe the mat with a disinfectant cloth both before and after use.

Yoga Towel for your Yoga Mat

  • Specifically when practicing “hot yoga” or if you perspire a lot, a yoga towel can be a great addition.
  • The yoga towel sticks to the top of mat and absorbs the sweat dripping from your face and body. Believe me, when you are sweating that much, you are very thankful to have a towel soaking up the water!

Yoga Pillow

  • A Yoga pillow is designed for seated positions and meditation.
  • The pillow raises your hips, making it easier to sit crosslegged.
  • It is also great for protecting your sit bones from the hard ground when sitting for extended periods of time.

Yoga Strap

  • A yoga strap is used to help the yogi gently stretch into poses.
  • As the yogi becomes more flexible, the strap may be used to move into more difficult poses. 

Yoga Block

  • A yoga block is also used to help yogis into and out of poses.
  • The block may be turned and used in a variety of heights depending on the flexibility of the yogi.
  •  The block can help the yogi balance and practice poses as the yogi progresses. 

Yoga Clothes

  • When we practice yoga, we wear comfortable clothes that allow us to bend and stretch. 
  • We can practice in shorts and a T-shirt.
  • Sports bras are great to help keep everything in place while moving.
  • Beside being really cute, there are some benefits to yoga clothing: 

 * Yoga clothing is made of very stretchy fabric which allows you to move.

 * Yoga clothing is made of lightweight, breathable fabrics.

 * Yoga pants provide a non-slippery surface for some positions like tree.

 * Yoga tops are usually form fitting so they do not ride up or fall over your face during inversions.

Yoga Feet

  • Our feet get so little attention and we demand so much of them!
  • We practice yoga in our bare feet, which allows them to breathe and move. 
  • Many warm up poses focus on our feet through massage and movement.
  • Standing poses provide great stretches for our feet.
  • Plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the tendon between our heel and toes, can benefit from the bare feet yoga stretching. 

Yoga and an Open Mind

  • Yoga is all about you.
  • When you come to yoga with an open mind, the benefits will grow.
  • Relax, breathe, calm yourself, and let it all go.
  • Find a yogi teacher who resonates with you, whose voice soothes and words encourage.
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