Foundations . . . Extension/Flexion

Extension occurs as we inhale. Flexion occurs as we exhale.

As we move through our yoga poses, it is the dynamic tension created through our inhale and exhale that helps create the work out of our poses.

Extension occurs as we inhale and extend our arms, our legs, our head and/or our chest.

We extend our arms, reaching our fingertips out or up or down. Our fingertips extend . . . pulling from our midsection all the way through our finger tips and beyond.

As we inhale, we extend through the top of our head, feeling the stretch from the base of our spine up through each vertebrae and reaching outward.

As we inhale we shine our chest reaching up and out.

As we inhale, we feel the power of our feet and our legs pushing down through the earth, creating the foundation for our pose.

Flexion occurs as we exhale. As we exhale, we feel our body relax and release, preparing for the next inhalation.

We are mindful to maintain our posture and strength on the exhale and careful not to collapse into a soft body position.

Flexion pushes the air out of our lungs and helps us maintain our body position.

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